We Make Time
Work for You—
Just $179 With its spacious touchscreen and easy-to-follow
instructions, the JR2000 makes punching short and
sweet. We also give you three ways to clock in — a
built-in fingerprint scanner, a proximity card reader
or PIN punching. And the JR2000 stores punches
when offline, making it ideal for offices without
consistent internet service.
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Anytime, Anywhere Access

The JR2000 comes with an affordable cloud account starting at $20 per month.You can access your account
from any web browser. And with our optional smartphone app, remote employees can punch in from anywhere you want them to.

Step Up to the Cloud

See who’s present in real time and check employee time cards
right from your smartphone or internet browser. We give you the
tools you need to stay on top of your business:

• Get Alerts When Employees Are Approaching Overtime

• Calculate Accruals and Complex Overtime Rules

• Easy Export to QuickBooks and Hundreds of Other Payroll Applications

• Cover Every Shift with Our Robust Scheduling Feature

• Prevent Early and Late Punches with Punch Rounding and Lockout Zones

Smooth Sailing Ahead

Quick and easy punching, unlimited
cloud storage, advanced reporting and a
smartphone app — If you’re looking for an
affordable time clock to make things a lot
easier for you and your employees, the
JR2000 is right for you.

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