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Time Clocks

uAttend named “Best Time & Attendance Software/Service for Scalability” by INC

INC magazine has named uAttend the “Best Time & Attendance Software/Service for Scalability.”

fingerprint time clock for small business

The glowing product review highly recommends uAttend, stating that, “uAttend is up-front about its pricing and has a plethora of time clock options for businesses that need that physical solution, making it our top choice when it comes to the best time and attendance software for small businesses that need the ability to scale up.”

With a price plan available for every budget, it’s no wonder uAttend received this recognition.


Time Clocks

Durable Punch Clocks That Keep on Ticking

Entrusting your employee time and attendance tracking to a dependable time clock is an affordable and effective way to increase productivity. Yet with so many models on the market it can be tough to narrow down the best options.

We decided to save you the legwork and round up the best bets for a no-nonsense employee time clock that punches paper time cards with perfection. Check out the top contenders:

uPunch Calculating Time Clock
calculating punch time clock for small businessIf you don’t want to worry about messy manual calculations, this uPunch is for you. Hours are calculated directly on the time card – including overtime – and you can set up automatic deductions for lunch and breaks.







Royal TC100 Plus Time Clock

Royal TC100 Plus Time Clock
The Royal TC100 gets extra points for its simplicity and ease of setup. This is a durable clock that can be counted on for years to come. It has a handy knob that can be used to control which line you’d like to punch the time on.






uPunch Auto-Align Time Clock
punch clock, time card machineThis is a no frills uPunch model that delivers all the time tracking essentials. It handles up to six punches per day any you can monitor tardiness with late punches highlighted in red right on the time card.


Time Clocks

The Right Way to Clean Your Biometric Time Clock

Modern biometric time clocks are hardy and durable, but there may come a time when dust or grime starts to accumulate near the scanner.

No problem. It’s easy to clean your biometric time clock and keep it in optimal condition.

The key is avoiding any harsh chemicals or abrasive fibers that could damage the surface of the scanner. We recommend using a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe the surface clean. If that doesn’t do the trick, use a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab or cloth and gently rub the surface clean.

That should be all it takes to keep your biometric time clock in pristine condition and ready to scan your employee’s fingerprints.


Time Clocks

Your Privacy is Safe with Biometric Time Clocks

Concerned about privacy with biometric technology? With Time Clock Market’s devices, you can relax.

All time clock users can rest assured that their privacy is intact. Time and attendance devices do not capture and store a full fingerprint or facial image, so it is virtually impossible to replicate. The technology utilizes a digital process that measures the distance and angles of the lines in your fingertips or the distance between your facial features.

Fingerprint and Facial Recognition for the Workplace
Unlike the technology used by Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) for law enforcement purposes, Time Clock Market’s devices collect only a small subset of sample data (aka minutiae points), convert it into binary data using mathematical algorithms and then store only a digital representation of the fingerprint or face (not an actual image). Having only minutia data makes it nearly impossible to recreate the original image.

Bottom line: There are no privacy issues related to biometric identification and verification.

Significant differences between AFIS devices and Time Clock Market devices include:

Image vs. Minutia Analysis
Time Clock Market devices rely upon only minutia data and not the actual image of the scanned fingerprint or face. Conversely, AFIS-type devices use facial images and the entire rolled fingerprint image containing the ridge patterns of the fingerprint.

Image size
Time Clock Market devices use small optical sensors. AFIS devices require a full measure of the fingerprint, which is typically a rolled fingerprint image. The same is true for facial images.

No fingerprint or facial image is saved
Fingerprint and facial images are converted to mathematical representations BEFORE storing.

Incompatible with AFIS technology
Because of the different resolution, fingerprint/facial size, and image enhancement processes of the two technologies, the fingerprint and facial data collected by a time clock is virtually unusable by AFIS.