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A new take on the traditional punch card time clock with state-of-the-art features that allow an unlimited number of employees to efficiently track their time on paper time cards.

Product Details:

  • HN3500 Time Clock Bundle includes the HN3000 Auto-Align Time Clock, 100 Time Cards, Two 10-Slot Card Racks, Two Ink Ribbons, and Five Keys.
  • Automatic card feed aligns punches precisely to track weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay periods.
  • Easily track your employees’ start times, break times, lunch times, and finish times with the uPunch AutoAlign Time Clock.
  • Track 6 punches per day for an unlimited number of employees.
  • Two-year time clock warranty.
  • FREE Optional uPunch Cloud Software.
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The Most Affordable Punch Card Time Clock Bundle!

The uPunch HN3000 non-calculating electronic time clock uses auto-align technology so every time card is clearly stamped and employee punching is fast and accurate.


Setup is done in minutes, the time clock can be displayed on a flat surface or mounted on a wall, and it tracks 6 punches per day for an unlimited number of employees. Optional alarms ensure employees know when meal times or rest periods begin and end, while unscheduled punches can be highlighted on the time cards for easy reporting. You can also set weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly pay periods.

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The HN3500 Bundle Includes

  • uPunch HN3000 Electronic Punch Card Time Clock
  • 100 Time Cards
  • Two 10-Slot Time Card Racks
  • Five Keys
  • Two Ink Ribbons
  • Free Lifetime Support
  • Two Year Product Warranty

The free optional uPunch cloud software allows you to manually enter, manage, and simplify payroll recording for your company.

FREE Cloud Software Lets You

  • Record Employee Time Card Punches
  • Add Employees and Departments
  • Handle Department Transfers
  • Run Reports
  • Access Online Help
  • Track Daily and Weekly Overtime
  • Export to Payroll Systems

Program to Fit Your Organization

Setup of the uPunch HN3000 Electronic Time Clock is simple and customizable. Once set up and running, you can program this time clock to fit your pay schedule and highlight any irregularities with an employees’ time recording. The uPunch HN3000 can track time for an unlimited number of employees.

User Friendly

Using the uPunch HN3000 Auto-Align Time Clock is easy, with features like automatic card feed and alignment for proper printing, and a large, clear LCD display.

Bring Time Reporting to the Cloud

The uPunch HN3000 Auto-Align Time Clock enables users to utilize paper cards while management shifts time recording and organization to the cloud. With the free optional uPunch cloud software, you can manually enter, manipulate, and export time card data from your cloud-based account and manage employee time and attendance from any device with internet access.

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Additional information

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