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Take Control of Employee Absenteeism

There are many hidden costs involved with running a business, but unplanned employee absences are one of the most unexpected. Absenteeism puts a strain on the business when employees repeatedly miss work without notice. Getting to the route of the problem is the best way to find a solution.

Absence management in the workplace is of utmost importance. You’ll want to make sure your business has an absenteeism policy that covers sickness. It’s best to include a copy in the employee handbook for transparency. If employees are given enough sick time, they are less likely to leave you empty handed by not calling or showing up for work when sickness occurs.

Managing sickness absence is much easier said than done, but if you put the proper policies in place is makes for a much smoother experience. It always helps to have that clear employee attendance policy in place to eliminate guesswork on the part of the employee.

You can also enable your HR team to assist with medical leaves of absence when it becomes necessary for an employee to take a leave of absence from work. Another way to reduce the cost of employee absences is by offering a welcoming workplace to encourage their return after an illness. Providing a flexible work schedule or offering the option to work from home are a few alternatives.

Monitoring employee attendance with a modern time and attendance system will help bring awareness to employee attendance. Also, when offering remote work options, this is a great way to keep track of hours worked. Whatever you decide, employee absence is a hidden cost that can be managed with the proper HR attendance policies in place.

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