Time Clocks

Valuable Features For Your Biometric Time Clock

Choosing the right time and attendance tools for your office shouldn’t require a master’s degree. It doesn’t have to be complicated when you do a bit of research into the best time clock for your business. Options range from a basic punch clocks to cloud-connected devices that uses biometric technology to scan your employee’s finger or face to clock in or out. If you choose a biometric timeclock you will put an end to buddy punching and timecard theft, so it’s a great way to invest a little and save a lot.

Some of the more valuable features to look for include:

In/Out Punches— With a biometric time clock your employees can use their finger or scan their face to punch in and out. Some models also include the ability to punch with a PIN or RFID card in addition.

Department Transfers—Biometric time clocks are much more sophisticated than a basic punch clock and offer enhanced features such as a department transfer. Employees simply press a button on the clock or within the software and their hours are tracked and applied to that department.

Job Tracking— An employee can track time and attendance for a job, and a task within a job using this feature which is offered in most biometric time clocks. This works great for consultants that need to know how much to bill their clients or to provide records of time worked on each project.

Offline Punching — If you’re internet goes down, you don’t want to miss vital timecard information, and with offline punching available in your biometric time clock, even if your clock goes offline, all punches will be stored and synced back to your cloud software once the connection resumes.

Versatile Connections — Some of the more advanced biometric time clocks will offer both a WiFi and a LAN options in one, saving time and hassle if you happen to have a spotty connection.

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