Time Clocks

Eliminate Buddy Punching While Gaining Valuable Oversight

Adding a touch of technology to automate your employee time and attendance goes a long way in releasing you from daily repetitive tasks. A fingerprint time clock eliminates buddy punching while saving your business from the threat of employee wage theft. The transition to a biometric time clock is a smooth one. Installing a cloud based biometric time clock system is simple because it doesn’t require installing software. Any product updates or new feature can be used upon release.


Read through reviews and articles featuring the best picks for time and attendance systems to help you make a decision. There are even web based time clock reviews specifically for small businesses. Whatever you need, there’s a clock that caters to it. Even if time clocks for small businesses aren’t exactly what you need, many clocks scale up, allowing you to continue using as your business grows.


When you invest in time clocks in the workplace, you get a lot in return. Some businesses have reported lower payroll costs once a biometric time recorder machine begun tracking employee time. Suddenly the records show employees arriving late to work, when previous handwritten records never reflected this. You may be surprised to learn these hidden benefits of installing a biometric time recorder machine.


Capterra is a great online source to read through the best employee time clock reviews. Whether you’re looking for web based employee time clock software or physical time clocks for business, tracking work hours by touch not punch is a technological trend that’s here to stay.

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