Time Clocks

Investing in Time and Attendance Pays Dividends

Managing employee time is a constant challenge in a world where day-to-day demands are ever increasing. Life is already hectic enough without having decide on the best time clocks for employees. However, the method you employ for tracking your employee time and attendance is directly related to the success of your business and the satisfaction of your workforce.

Archaic timekeeping methods such as a time punch clock can leave employees frustrated if they run into problems like misalignment or card feed issues when trying to punch. Not only do these errors result in employee time not being recorded, it also puts your payroll compliance at risk. A foolproof way to remedy this situation is to upgrade to a Wi-Fi employee time clock.

When you set out to buy time clocks, researching different models is important to decide which features best suit your needs. Wireless employee time clocks have sophisticated technology that capture punches with the scan of a fingerprint, wave of a RFID card or even facial recognition. In most cases, all employee punch data is instantly transferred to a cloud account that’s connected to your employee time tracking system. With the click of a button you can export the hours worked directly to your payroll provider.

Talk about a win for employee satisfaction and the success of your business! Investing in an employee time clock system will ensure your time and attendance records are accurately captured and recorded in real time. The user-friendly features empower employees to punch without hassle, and as a result, reduces employee stress levels. Additional ways to create a positive work environment include such perks as offering yoga sessions, healthy snacks and even massage breaks for your employees.

Once your new employee time clock is up and running, you’ll have peace of mind knowing everything is running smoothly. Installing an electric time clock for employees is the first step, and you can take it a step further by becoming a resource to help employees manage their own time. They key is shifting an employee’s mindset from a level of frustration where they feel the demands are too much for the time they have available. Instead, teach employees to change the way they think about priorities by identifying what is most important. By working on the most important items first, and then continuing down the list, it won’t take long before employees feel in control of their own time management.

So not only can you improve time tracking and lower employee frustration by installing a digital employee time clock, you can continue down the path of increased employee satisfaction by offering resources to help with time management.

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