Time Clocks

Modern Tools for the Modern Workforce

As the modern workplace continues to embrace remote workers, it’s worthwhile to explore helpful tools that support this dynamic. There’s no need to adopt an out of sight, out of mind mentality when your remote workers are digitally connected.

Fostering a cloud-connected workforce offers employees the convenience of using shared documents in Office 365 or Box, making it easy for remote workers to share large files or review documents with one another.

There are many time clocks with mobile apps that track time and attendance in the cloud and offer online portals and mobile apps to punch in and punch out from. Both employers and employees can view hours worked through an online web portal. All employee punch data is clearly logged and accessible 24/7, with start and end times clearly defined as well as hourly breaks. Employers can look online to see exactly when an employee clocks in and clocks out. In the same vein, employees can use the app to view their accrued vacation time, accumulated working hours and more.

Project management apps like Basecamp or Asana allow remote workers to collaborate regardless of distance. Digitally savvy workers gain huge benefits from utilizing modern tools, whether it’s cloud-connected time and attendance systems. In the same respect, employers can rest assured that work is being done and is accurately recorded.

Aside from digital tools, there are simple acts you can do to inject a humanized feel-good vibe. One way to do this is by celebrating big achievements with a virtual party complete with a round of applause offered through a video call can go a long way to boost morale.

With a healthy mix of digital tools along with a sprinkling of human kindness, you really can’t go wrong by embracing a remote workforce.

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