Time Clocks

Punch Clocks Mandatory in EU Court Ruling

A recent case in the European courts ruled that EU employers must make punch clocks mandatory in the workplace to precisely track hours worked per employee. The ruling came about from a case against a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank for calculating and tracking only overtime hours.

Punch clocks in the workforce have come a long way since their inception, and this ruling is simple to comply with once employers have a modern time and attendance tracking device in place.

The ruling not only stressed the requirement for all working hours to be captured by a punch in and punch out clock, but to account for and track all rest periods throughout the day.

A simple solution to remain in compliance with this recent ruling involves installing the right employee time tracking system. Whether that’s a Wifi employee time clock with a cloud connection, or a simple punch time clock, any make and model from a reputable brand will track hourly time properly. Whatever EU employers choose, they can rest assured they will not be breaking the law with an affordable and dependable punch clock.

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